Simple integration of alternative online payment methods

GiroSolution gives UATP customers access to guaranteed European online banking based transfer processes. Hundreds of different online payment methods are offered around the world for paying via the internet. But payment mentalities vary widely depending on the country.

While in countries like the USA or the UK the credit card is the most commonly used payment method, the picture is very different in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. Here, the credit card is completely underrepresented among private customers. This means that airlines that mainly rely on the credit card as an online payment method in these countries lose business. 

For this reason, GiroSolution has entered into a partnership with UATP in order to allow UATP customers to integrate alternative online payment methods into their websites quickly and easily. GiroSolution is the specialist for guaranteed European online banking based e-payment methods.

In Germany, Austria and the Netherlands in particular, the online banking based transfer processes giropay, eps and iDEAL are payment methods that have many more potential customers than there are private credit card holders. In Germany and Austria alone, giropay and eps reach nearly 40 million customers; in the Netherlands, more than 70% of all internet purchases are processed with iDEAL.

This gives UATP customers huge advantages:

  • No payment defaults, because the purchaser’s bank irrevocably guarantees the payment
  • Vast number of potential users of the online transfer processes
  • Simple, fast and cost- and resource-saving integration via our partner UATP
  • Significantly cheaper transaction costs than for credit card payments, for example

Request your personal quote for the integration of giropay, eps and iDEAL via GiroSolution and UATP today. 

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